Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Health and weight loss

Hello viewers!
So I have been very naughty on the eating department lately so I decided to go on a diet! I have been on diets before and they have worked very well so I know that achieving my goal which is to lose 5kg is not something impossible or too hard but what I really want is to make this diet my lifestyle. I want a healthier life and off course I want to have a beautiful body at all times and not only on some periods after dieting!

 I am gonna share some of the tips that helpled me before and this post will also motivate me a little more ! 


thinspo - byebyeweight: i need to do this

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day will help you lose weight and that is 100% sure and 100% essential .

Drinking water can boost your metabolism by 25% (especially in the morning).
By drinking a glass of water before every meal will help you from eating too much! And we all tend to confuse thirst with hunger so by drinking water often you can know when you actually are hungry! 

+Your skin will look a lot better if you drink a lot of water and who doesn't want clear glowing skin?


I think that eating healthy is the hardest thing to do on a diet,even harder than spending hours in the gym.
Believe me I know how hard it is to say no to pizza or burgers and ice creams! There are so many yiammy ''bad'' foods out there but is it worhy to enjoy something for 10 minutes and then spend hours and hours to loose it? is it worth the bad skin? the extra weight? the future health problems? No!

Eating clen is the 80% of having a good-looking body!

Healthy life

There is no secret,there is no magic diet, there is only healthy choices and the strenght to resist junk food!
5 small meals throught tha day,lots of vegies and fruits,that's all and it's as hard or simple as you make it ! 


Any kind of working out is good! Going to the gym is good,swim is good,dancing is good,anything that makes you sweat is good!!
 Personally I am going to the gym and I'll start going more often from now on,I'll be going 3-4 times the week.
 I aslo like to work out at home by myself and there is no shame on saying that I do watch some youtube workout videos that I am doing home and I am gonna do that more often too ! 

my ownFit-Book | via Tumblr


There are no magic drinks that can make you thinner but green tea is the closest to something like that !! 
If you do all the above AND drink 2-3 cups of green tea per day then you will see results pretty soon! 
Green tea boosts you metabolism and it burns fat too!
Besides weight loss green tea is good for your health for so many reasons! Dieting or not drinking green tea is a great idea! 


If you wanna keep yourself motivated at all times remember why you started,how good your body will look and how healthier your life becomes! 
I know there are times that it gets hard and you'll come in frond of temptations but if you say NO you'll feel so much better than eating something fattening and feel guilty afterwards!
Another easy way to keep yourself motivated is internet off course! 
There are plenty of pictures of amazing-looking bodies that will make you stick to your goal!

miss_sarah_s | via Tumblr

Hopefully I will achieve my goal by summer and go at the beach looking good and first of all FEELING GOOD! And off course keep that way of living for ever!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Perfect moments.

Perfectly imperfect
Hello viewers!
I saw this picture with this quote today and it put me into some thinking.
I couldn't agree more with this quote,this is exactly what a good life means,a life with perfect moments! 
It's impossible to have a ''perfect life'',we all have our ups and our downs!
I might be just 17 but I already have some beautiful moments that I will remember my whole life and I know I am going to create many many more! 
This is my goal at life,to do a lot of traveling and meet people and see things which means to create as many as possible great memories!


Friday, 21 February 2014

Friday night

Miss dior blooming bouquet

 The very beautiful and talented actress Natalie Portman is starring at the new Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Film and she looks amazing! 

Here's the film :

After seeing this I cannot wait for spring to come and flowers to bloom!
And off course I cannot wait to try the fragrance!
I love Dior's perfumes and it feels like a new favourite it's on the way,once I try it I will make a post about it ! 

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a smooth and carefully formed perfume, not a sensory assault, but rather a halo, like an aura. It’s a “bubble ” perfume, one possessing the extreme elegance of gentleness ,” states François Demachy, the house’s exclusive perfumer-creator and he is pretty convincing !


It's the day we all are waiting for the most! Friday has always,aaalways been my favourite day of the week and for some weird reason the most exciting things in my life have happened on a Friday! 

I hope everyone has a beautiful day whatever you do!
Friday is the perfect day for anything actually,it's nice to go for a movie,or to see a movie in your home,it's nice for partying,for dating,for eating pizza or ice cream,it's acceptable to get drunk on a friday night or to be lazy and stay in you pjs,its a good day to be in love or to cry over a box of chocolate,it Fridaaay do whatever the f** you want! 

To all my lovely followers - have a wonderful day 😘


Monday, 17 February 2014

Enjoy today♥

Tha day is what you make it so why not make it a great one?
It's a Monday and many may thing what one could enjoy on a Monday?
It's the little things that make a day a good day! Say something nice to someone,be kind,laugh,enjoy a little nap through the day,make yourself a cup of tea,watch your favourite series,listen to the one song that you know will boost your confidence,give and recieve love! 



Pixie Lott's comeback

  Pixie Lott is BACK!
 The young british singer is back looking fresh and cuter than ever!
(Her new song,wich she performed on the Brit awards 'Nasty' is stuck in my head all day,can't stop singing it!)

Saturday, 15 February 2014

 Have a great time today everyone,whatever you do!

Saturday night out

Queen B.

Beyonce's comeback is a fact ,an amazing one!
Her new songs are Oh my ,I love them ALL !
Her appearences are also shocking in a good way off course (Yeah I am talking about Grammys,she was so hot) !! 
Since I was little I remember myself dancing on her songs ..and well,not much has changed since then.
She is the best! 
Many people say she has lost way too much weight and all those rumors about her grammys dress..I don't believe anything,obviously she has lost weight after her pragnancy but she is a beautiful,helthy woman with her amazing curvs and everything! This is what little girls should look up to!

Let's go shopping!

Saint Laurent betty mini shoulder bag

How beautiful that bag is?
It's a 


                                              Betty mini shoulder bag


Friday, 14 February 2014

It's valentine's day! 
Hope everyone is having good time with their special ones and off course those who are single can as well have fantastic time with friends !
 Love a little bit more and worry a little bit less and then you'll start enjoying life more!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day♡

  Hey lovelies, 
This set I made I think is just right for a date with your special someone or if you don't have a valentine for a girls night . 
I personally want to keep it traditional and mix a lot of red with black in this special occasion! A red lipstick is a must!

Valentine's Day♡

Valentine's Day♡ by mary-newyork featuring nars cosmetics

P.S:When I hear valentine's day one of the first things that pop into my head is Victoria's Secret off course.
Every year they make the sexiest and cutest underwear so if you are interested in blowing your boyfriends mind or just wanna feel confident (and believe me you do when you wear them) definitely check them out!

Olivia Palermo
So Olivia Palermo has been one of my idols for years, her always classy appearences are so inspiring and lovely.
When I first saw her on 'The city' my first reachion was ''whoah who is that stylish bitch" and in each episode I liked her more and more and she has never let me down with her fashion choices!
Here are some pictures of a recent photoshoot.


For the whole photoshoot click here :

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Lazy lazy lazy
The one word that discrebes my day perfectly.
Today I did nothing but playing games on my phone(not flappy bird though,some frozen free fall from the disney movie,huh im such a kid)
,I took a nap after school, watched some series ,tumblr tumblr tumlr,
with a few words you all understand how good my relationship is with my bed and my laptop!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have more of a profuctive day and study a little, maybe work out, take care of my messy room ,go out if I have spare time with some friends etc.

So that was me sharing a not so interesting day of my life.

Pale Beauty

However you feel a good outfit will definitely give you the confidence to swallow your sadness,stress whatever and help you go on!
Always dare to look more fabulous than you actually feel and eventually you will be that person!


Monday, 10 February 2014

Hello bloggers!

Hello bloggers!
So this is a new fashion blog and not only!
I am gonan share some outfit ideas here and many many more
I had a blog before but oups someone hacked it so I created this one,starting fresh!
So a few things about me..
My name is Mary,I live in Europe and I am at last year of high school at the moment,
hopefully I am gonna study fashion promotion&styling in the magical city of London